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    ACOUTRAIN – Virtual certification of acoustic performance for freight and passenger trains

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    ACOUTRAIN is a FP7 project with a duration of 36 months. The project was kicked-off on the 11th of October, 2011 in Brussels.

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  • ACOUTRAIN European research project: Virtual certification of acoustic performance for freight and passenger trains

    "The train is too costly to test

    A virtual approach should be best

    Don’t forget validation

    And source integration

    Directivity, screens and the rest”

    “David Thompson, ISVR


    ACOUTRAIN is a jointly funded European research project co-funded by the European Commission under the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7). ACOUTRAIN will simplify and improve the acoustic authorization of new rolling stock, in particular relating to the TSI (Technical Specifications for Interoperability) Noise.ACOUTRAIN is a three-year project that began in October 2011 with a budget of around three million Euros.

    Why do we need ACOUTRAIN project?

    • Today the tests required for a new vehicle according to the TSI Noise are really cost and time consuming. The goal of the ACOUTRAIN project is to speed up the vehicle authorisation process by introducing some elements of virtual testing while retaining the same degree of reliability and accuracy.
    • A successful simplification of the TSI conformity assessment process would result in the strengthening of the competitiveness of the European railway sector.
    • The risk of not developing such a simplification is that the expense of excessive certification of new products will hamper the introduction of new innovations.

    ACOUTRAIN project main achievements:

    The major outcome of the ACOUTRAIN project is a new certification process including some elements of virtual testing.

    The R&D work program is implemented with the following structure:

    • Establishment of procedures for a virtual certification of acoustic performances of freight and passenger trains (Work Package 1);
    • An improvement and harmonization of the rolling noise characterization process (Work Package 2);
    • Establishment of methodologies to measure other noises sources (Work Package 3);
    • A methodology to validate global tools for pass-by noise and standstill noise predictions so that they can be used as part of future certification (Work Package 4);
    • A validation of the procedure range for the virtual noise certification (Work Package 5).

    A significant part of the project is dedicated to the relationship with the European Railway Agency, the Notified Bodies, the Standardisation bodies and National Safety Authorities to ensure that the objectives of the project are well connected with their expectations.

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