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Results and Publications Page

Final Conference Presentations

General Introduction

Introduction of virtual testing in acoustic certification


ACOUTRAIN Validation of software

Rolling noise source

Vehicle source modelling and testing

Integration effects

Transposition of Noise Type Test Data for Tracks and Vehicles

Clarification of the simplified approach

NAT Case study – Measurement campaign

Modelling Concept

NAT Case study – Results

Virtual testing within certification 1

Virtual testing within certification 2

ACOUTRAIN Summary: Main Achievements and Outstanding issues



Public deliverables will be available on this page along with the progress of ACOUTRAIN project. Please check regularly for the latest information.

D1.1 – Clarification of the simplified method in the partial revision of the TSI

D1.2 – Recommendations for a future certification process

D1.3 – Braking noise and curving noise: corresponding indicators and measurement procedures

D1.7 – Global functional requirements of virtual certification for the next revision of the TSI

D1.8 – A virtual certification process (validated)

D1.9 – Transposition procedure for END noise sources

D1.10 – Braking noise and Curving noise: corresponding indicators and measurement procedures

D2.1 – User guide describing procedures for modelling wheels and tracks

D2.3 – Report quantifying the sources of uncertainty and their effect on the outcomes of virtual testing (September 2012)

D2.4 – Proposed analysis method for wheel roughness

D2.5 – Source separation and transposition techniques

D2.6 – Proposed acceptance procedures for different wheel and track types

D2.7 – Improved model components

D3.1 – Source model for cooling fans to be suitable for integration in the global simulation model

D3.3 – Source model for noise generated from electric traction systems to be integrated in the global simulation model

D3.7 – Model for geometrical integration transfer functions to be integrated in the global simulation model

D3.9 – Source model for pantograph and bogie for inclusion in the global simulation model

D4.1 – Report with definition of input/output data for each global model

D4.2 – Basic global prediction tool and user manual

D4.6 – Report with a validation guideline to certify tools

D4.7 – Basic global prediction tool and user manual

D5.2 – Description of application cases

D5.4 – Report on validation methodology

D6.1 – Public external website

D6.3 – Technical Recommendations



ACOUTRAIN Article in “European Railway Review” (issue 6, 2012)


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